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This page is for managing legacy stakes only.
To enter a new stake here please use our main staking page.
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Terms and Conditions


  1. Term of stake is 30 days.
  2. At the end of the term, Stakeholder will redeem their stake and receive an additional 30% E$P Tokens
  3. Transfer of tokens to the Stakeholder is subject to the normal 1% Transfer Tax
  4. Staked amount is equal to the amount received by the smart contract net of transfer Fees
  5. Early redemption subject to penalties of 75% of (30% of Staked Amount)
  6. Earned amounts are accrued daily
  7. Stakeholder can redeem without penalty in the first 4 hours of staking
  8. Stakes that are not redeemed 30 days after end of term are subject to a 1% daily penalty

Sales Agents

  1. Rewards are only granted to those that have specified your Referral ID during the purchase.
  2. Earnings become solidified 4 hours after the Tokens have been staked and not redeemed by your referral.
  3. Payments are made in the currency of the original purchase & stake.
  4. Earnings are paid out daily starting at 21:00 UTC, Only balances greater than 200 USD will be processed due to high gas fees
  5. Payments will only be made to the Ethereum wallet address that was registered on sign up.
  6. The project can cancel any Agent registration at their sole discretion
  7. Sales Agents must conduct themselves professionally and any bullying, high pressure sales tactics, unethical practices will not be tolerated and will result in immediate termination of the Agent Registration
  8. It is the Sales Agents responsibility to be compliant with their local regulations and avoid any activities in jurisdictions prohibit this type of activity.
  9. The project cannot accept registrations from certain countries. Falsifying country of residency will result in immediate termination of the registration.

What is staking?

Staking is when you place an asset for some use purpose by someone else and earning a reward for doing so. In the context of E$P, your staking goes to support the development of our apps and platforms. For this support, the project will pay a pre-determined interest on that stake.

We have recently won a large Education deal in Brazil and need to accelerate our growth. Your support with stakes helps us do exactly that. Knowledge For The World.